Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd - Product List
  • Optic fiber ribbon line

    This machine is used to manufacture optic ribbon. The ribbons manufactured by our machine have the excellent mechanic and optic characteristics. The machine mainly consists of fiber pay-off stand, UV ribbon coating device, belt-capstan, take-up, electric control system (PLC+ touch screen)  More
  • FTTH drop cable production line

    This production line is used for making FTTH cable. The line main components are: Fiber pay-off, Strength member(FRP or Steel wire) payoff, Self suspending strength menber pay-off, Swing arm type dancer, Extrusion group 65mm, Cooling system, Cable dryer, Dual-axis diameter gauge, Ф600 wrap belt capstan, 70m Horizontal accumulator, Take-up and traversing unit, Electric control system   More
  • Various kinds of indoor cable production line

    We supply all kinds of indoor cable production line, such as Simplex/Duplex/Premesis/Riser etc. Please consult with us, providing us your idea and technical requirements.  More
  • Fiber proof-testing machine

    This machine is designed for proof test and rewinding of fiber and fiber ribbons. . The proof test tension is accurate. The tension dancer reduces loop on the take up reel. The machine is controlled by PLC with sensor display.  More
  • Fibers in steel tube production line (Better than Uniwema Nexans)

    Our FIST equipment is faster than European copy more than 60%. The welding speed reaches 25m/min. (While European machine's welding speed is only 15m/min). Our machine is also more convenient for operation and changing forming tools.  More
  • Premise cable production line

    This line is used for production premise cable, distribution cable, breakout cable etc.   More
    Fiber drawing machine, optical fiber proof-testing machine, optical fiber coloring machine, optical fiber ribbon machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, Sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless teel tube production line, take-up, cable rewinding line.
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