Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd - Product List
  • Specialty fiber draw tower

    used for drawing Ф10 – 80mm optic preform or polymer preform into specialty fiber, and equipped with 1 set of fiber coating & UV curing furnace, to meet the research requirement of different specialty fiber  More
  • Fiber Draw Tower

    This tower is applied to draw fibers from optic preforms.the preform diaemeter is 200mm max, tower height 30m+, production speed 3000m/min. Our factory has develop and supplied more than 20 drawing towers in China. they have been operating till now and received continuous positive feedbacks.   More
  • Fiber coloring machine

    This machine is used for coloring and rewinding of optic fiber. There is a auto-centralizing unit for the fiber pay-off.The traversing unit with photoelectric sensor assures even take-up without overlaps.   More
  • Secondary coating line

    Secondary coating line (Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment co., ltd) has a max. working speed of 350m/min. The secondary coating line is consisted of: 24 Optical fiber pay-off, Jelly degassing and filling device(vacuum type) ...  More
  • SZ Stranding Line

    Thiis line is used for SZ stranding fibre loose tubes. Since our factory was established in 1998, we have made and modernized more than 240 SZ stranding lines. Our stranding line almost has reached the European standards...  More
  • Optical cable Sheathing Line

    Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment co., ltd supplies sheathing line for fiber optic cable with 90mm or 120mm screw extruder. The sheathing normally contains the following components by option: Pay-off with tension dancef, yarn server, Steel tape pay-off...  More
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